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Millions of Lost Souls In Jesus

For a week I have been talking with female Christians on facebook who are out for revenge. Their families and friends have been calling them religious fanatics – long before Trump came on the scene! Now that he is empowering them – just them – they are out for revenge. They defend him with every drop of Jesus’s blood. Trump is totally innocent. He has to be, because they are basically NOTHING without Jesus – and Trump. They have based their whole life on his coming again – after the Tribulation! Millions wait to be Raptured. The more they hate the Democrats, and all secular reasoning, the better their chance of being Raptured up. This is not a joke. Trump knows what I said is true. Screw The Law! Jesus is above the law. He can make up any law He wants. He is God!

I believe many Republicans are getting death threats, saying they better attack Democrats – in the name of Jesus – or else!

John Presco


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Lost Code of Queen of Bohemia


Pagan Mary

Idea For Series


John Presco

Copyright 2020

For years I studied the book ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ by Baigent and Leigh who sued Dan Brown. There is a code on a tomb that suggests a linage of the Merovingian, a royal lineage that allegedly Jesus and Mary Magdalene begat. I suspect Mary was a pagan convert, and not a Jew. I suspect she came from the King and Queens of the Boeii, the Bohemians who helped Hannibal cross the Alps. Hannibal means “Gift of Baal” whom most of the Jews worshipped.

Elijah and other prophets waged a holy war with the Prophets of Baal, some who were women. I suspect, Catherine of Bohemia descends from the Mary’s of Baal…..Mira-baal. Saint Ludmila was assassinated by her daughter-in-law, Drogomira. Ludmila and her husband were Pagan Converts, or so it is alleged.  Many Pagan Royals pretended to be converts, and held onto core beliefs. The Torah is about such people. The Habsburgs practiced pagan-like rituals, especially when it came to burying their dead. There was also a Birthing Stone that was present when this mysterious royalty bore children. George Bush and Kerry descend from Bohemian Bluebloods.

I belonged to about ten yahoogroups that discussed this Mira-Baal lineage that said Jesus and Mary established an incredible lineage. I said it must not have been that powerful, for the only evidence lies with the Sinclair family and a catherdral in Scotland.

“What about the Habsburgs? They are an alleged “Rex Deus”  that my Rosamond-Rougemont ancestors may have belonged to.”

“Ban him!
“Off with his head!”

“I’ll have a Bud-Lite!”


슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

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An Electress (German: Kurfürstin, Latin: electrix) was the consort of a Prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire, one of the Empire’s greatest princes.[1]

The Golden Bull of 1356 established by Emperor Charles IV settled the number of Electors at seven. However, three of these were Roman Catholic archbishops, and so had no consorts; while of the four secular Electors, one was King of Bohemia, and his consort was always known by the more prestigious title of “Queen of Bohemia“. The consorts usually referred to as Electresses, therefore, were:

To these were added, in 1623 and 1692 respectively:



Furthermore, Plantard was inspired by a 1960 magazine Les Cahiers de l’Histoire to center his personal genealogical claims, as found in the “Priory of Sion documents”, on the Merovingian king Dagobert II, who had been assassinated in the 7th century.[26] He also adopted Et in Arcadia ego …”, a slightly altered version of a Latin phrase that most famously appears as the title of two paintings by Nicolas Poussin, as the motto of both his family and the Priory of Sion,[27] because the tomb which appears in these paintings resembled one in the Les Pontils area near Rennes-le-Château. This tomb would become a symbol for his dynastic claims as the last legacy of the Merovingians on the territory of Razès, left to remind the select few who have been initiated into these mysteries that the “lost king”, Dagobert II, would figuratively come back in the form of a hereditary pretender.[28][29]

슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

https://rosamondpress.com/2020/02/13/jeanne-john-de-rougemont/ 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

  슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증In 921, after St. Ludmila moved away to the city of Techin, her daughter-in-law Dragomira sent two boyars in secret to murder her. St. Ludmila was praying at the time, and the two assassins entered the house and carried out Dragomira’s orders and strangled in her old age.  슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

St. Wenceslaus buried his grandmother’s body in the Church of St. George in Prague. Many miracles are said to have occurred over her holy relics.  슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

St. Ludmila is buried in St. George’s Basilica, which is the oldest surviving church building within 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증Prague Castle. 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증A Gothic style chapel within the basilica (which holds the tomb of the saint) is dedicated to 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증St. Ludmila of Bohemia.  슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

https://www.cirkev.cz/archiv/110623-early-patron-saints-of-bohemia 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

Bush and Kerry: Distant cousins and Bohemian ‘blue bloods’


Whatever the final count, the next president of the United States will be a direct descendent of the ancient rulers of Bohemia. A well-known Czech-American scholar says that both President George W Bush and Senator John Kerry — who are very distant cousins, twice removed — can trace their roots back to Duke Borivoj I and Saint Ludmila.

Historians generally agree that the 11th century Bohemian King Vratislav II is the 28th great-grandfather of John Kerry — meaning you’d have to say the word “great” 28 times before saying “grandfather” to describe the relationship — while George W Bush is the 30th great-grandson of that same Bohemian king.

But noted scholar and genealogist Dr Miloslav Rechcigl, president of the U.S.-based Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences, claims the Bohemian “blue blood” in the two politicians’ veins can be traced back even further, to Borivoj I, the earliest recorded duke of the Premyslid dynasty, who was born around the year 850.

“I was able to trace both Bush and Kerry all the way to Borivoj I and Saint Ludmila, who are the oldest rulers of Bohemia. You know who Saint Ludmila was? She was the grandmother of Saint Wenceslas! So now I have a connection going back to the oldest known historical time of Bohemia. We don’t know much prior to Borivoj and Saint Ludmila. Before that, it’s all legend.”

Dr Rechcigl, aged 73, has been chronicling the history of Czech immigrants for more than 40 years.

Back in 1999, he began studying the family history of George W. Bush, who, on his father’s side, can claim kinship with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, as well as with Kings Henry III and Charles II of England — and to the Premyslid dynasty of Bohemia.

According to Burke’s Peerage, experts on British aristocracy, every maternal bloodline of Kerry makes him more “royal” than Bush — or for that matter, any previous American president. Like Bush, Kerry is a descendent of English kings, including Henry III and, more distantly, Richard the Lionheart, who led the third crusade in 1189, as well as to Czar Ivan “The Terrible” and the royal houses of Scandinavia. The list goes on an on.

Kerry has more immediate connections than Bush to the Czech lands — it was discovered during the presidential campaign that Kerry’s grandfather emigrated from the town of Horni Benesov in today’s Czech Republic.

Bush’s bloodline, however, may actually be more “Czech” than Kerry’s, says Dr Rechcigl, as both Bush’s father and mother have some Czech heritage.

List of Bohemian consorts

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Saint Ludmila, first Duchess of Bohemia, wife of Bořivoj I, progenitress of Czech rulers and also their wives.

This is a list of the royal consorts of the rulers of Bohemia.

The first Duchess of Bohemia (česká kněžna) was St. Ludmila, while the first Queen of Bohemia (česká královna) was Świętosława of Poland. Some of them were (like their husbands) not crowned.

There was only one queen regnant in Czech history – Maria Theresa. Nevertheless, some female royal consorts were highly influential in the country’s history, having ruled as regents for their minor children and heirs, as well as having a great influence over their spouses.

The title was used until 1918, when husband of the last queen was deposed.


슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증House of Přemysl 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증[ 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증edit] 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

Duchesses of Bohemia 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증[ 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증edit] 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

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Dictator From Tong

Return To Tong

Idea For Reality Show


John Presco

Copyright 2020


It’s official…The United States has its first Dictator, and his DNA can be traced to the city of Tong on the Isle of Lewis.


Seeing that he does not stand a chance against Donald Trump, Bloomberg drops out of the race and buys a huge swath of land on the Isle of Lewis. He then puts an ad in the New York Times calling for all Nuts to come forth with their strange ideas – the stranger the better – to take part in a reverse migration to the Isle where Mary Anne MacLeod was born. Bloomberg ‘The Corrupter’ tells America about the MacLeod Curse that has destroyed the Scottish Lawmakers quest to author a true Declaration of Independence. The idea is to destroy the culture that gave us the Curse of Donald ‘The Destroyer of Western Law so that one day We The People can return to sanity.

Two old gentleman present Bloomberg with their outrageous proposal that is too fantastic to believe. They believe Mary Magdalene came from the Isle of Lewis and begat the O’Neils, who taught the High Priests of Israel how to hand-sign so they could maintain their silence while serving in the Holy of Holies. A cruiseship is hired, and, Nancy Pelosi conducts a recitation of the  ancient Tong song ‘Fear a Bhata’. as she is showered with Celtic trinkets and other New Age paraphemailia from the New Pilgrims who are grateful for this wondrous chance to practice a non-Christian Cosmoloy and the Rule of Law!

To their surprise, the New Tongians were greeted with open arms by the Old Tongians. They discovered they had much in common because they shared an Open Mind. Then came the Great American News Black-out. What became of the Second Freedom Ship – that was long over due!

Then, they went down to the beach and started gathering stones that were put one upon the other. Three days later, the Lady Liberty of Tong stood watch, looking westward for her children, the sisters and brothers of the Last Hope.

“President Trump, in contradiction to previous claims, told Fox News’ 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증Geraldo Rivera Thursday that he sent Rudy Giuliani to 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증Ukraine and he was “not at all” sorry for it.” 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증





http://www.celticlyricscorner.net/mackenzietalitha/fear.htm 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

Fear a’ Bhàta 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 (translated 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증The boatman 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증) is a 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증Scots Gaelic song from the late 18th century, written by Sìne NicFhionnlaigh (Jean Finlayson) of 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증Tong who was courting a young fisherman from 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증Uig, Dòmhnall MacRath. The song captures the emotions that she endured during their courtship. The part of the story that is rarely told is that they were married not long after she composed the song. 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증[1][2] 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

Thirty-nine elected prosecutors in a joint statement condemned Attorney General William P. Barr for recent his rhetoric that attacked progressive policies, arguing that his “dangerous and failed” approach to criminal justice disproportionately punished poor people and racial minorities while diverting resources away from more serious crimes. 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증




WASHINGTON — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., rebuked Attorney General William Barr on Thursday for his role in reducing the proposed sentence of Trump associate Roger Stone earlier this week.

“A.G. Barr has deeply damaged the rule of law by withdrawing the DOJ’s sentencing recommendation, the act of interference in Trump’s retribution against [the] lead attorney in the Stone case,” Pelosi told reporters at her weekly press conference.

Pelosi called Barr a “sad disappointment to our country” and said that he has “stooped to such levels.” She was referring to the Justice Department’s decision to overrule career prosecutors and propose a reduction in the sentence for Stone. The reversal, announced Tuesday, prompted all four prosecutors to withdraw from the criminal case.

“The American people deserve better,” Pelosi said. “This is not what America is about. It is so wrong.”

She also blasted President Donald Trump on Thursday for demonstrating “once again, that he has no respect for the rule of law” by “engaging in political interference” in the sentencing of Stone.

Mary Anne Trump (née 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 MacLeod, Scottish Gaelic: Màiri Anna NicLeòid; May 10, 1912 – August 7, 2000) was the mother of Donald Trump, and the wife of real estate developer Fred Trump. Born in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, she immigrated to the United States in 1930 and became a naturalized citizen in 1942.[3] She raised five children with her husband and engaged in philanthropic activities in the New York area.[4]

슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

Early life 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증[ 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증edit] 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

Mary Anne MacLeod was born in a pebbledash croft house owned by her father since 1895 in Tong on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland.[2] Local historians and genealogists have described properties in this community at the time as “indescribably filthy” and characterized by “human wretchedness”.[5][6] The outbreak of World War I 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 weakened its economy and male population.[2]

Raised in a Scottish Gaelic-speaking household, Mary was the youngest of ten children born to Malcolm (1866–1954) and Mary MacLeod (née 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 Smith; 1867–1963).[7] Her father was a crofter, fisherman and compulsory officer at Mary’s school.[2][3][8][9] English was her second language, which she learned at the school she attended until secondary school.[2]

Her paternal grandparents were Alexander MacLeod and Ann MacLeod; her maternal grandparents were Donald Smith and Mary MacAulay. They were from the locations of Vatisker and South Lochs,[10] and some of the family’s generations had suffered in the Highland Clearances.[11]

Immigration to the United States 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증[ 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증edit] 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

With several sisters having already established themselves there,[9] Mary Anne MacLeod may have first visited the United States for a short stay in December 1929. She was issued immigration visa number 26698 at Glasgow on February 17, 1930.[8] On May 2, MacLeod left Glasgow on board the RMS Transylvania arriving in New York City on May 11 (one day after her 18th birthday). She declared she intended to become a U.S. citizen and would be staying permanently in America.[3][8][9] She was one of tens of thousands of young Scots who left for the United States or Canada during this period, Scotland having suffered badly the consequences of the Clearances and World War I.[10][11] The alien passenger list of the Transylvania lists her occupation as a domestic worker.[2][12]

Fred Trump, c. 1950

Arriving in the U.S. with $50 (equivalent to $765 in 2019), MacLeod lived with her older sister Christina Matheson on Long Island and worked as a domestic servant for at least four years.[3][8][9] One of these jobs appears to have been as a nanny for a well-to-do family in a New York suburb, but the position was eliminated due to economic difficulties caused by the Great Depression.[10] As one account has put it, she “started life in America as a dirt-poor servant escaping the even worse poverty of her native land.”[8] Having obtained a U.S. Re-entry Permit—only granted to immigrants intending to stay and gain citizenship[8][9]—she returned to Scotland on the SS Cameronia on September 12, 1934.[13] She was recorded as living in New York by April 1935 in the 1940 U.S. Census.[13]

Though the 1940 census form filed by Mary Anne and her husband Fred Trump stated that she was a naturalized citizen, she did not actually become one until March 10, 1942.[3][8][9] However, there is no evidence that she violated any immigration laws prior to her naturalization, as she frequently traveled internationally and was afterwards able to re-enter the U.S.[14] MacLeod returned to her home area in Scotland often during the course of her life and spoke Gaelic when she did.[10]

Marriage, family and activities 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증[ 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증edit] 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

In the 1930s, while MacLeod was living with her sister in Queens, she met Fred Trump at a party;[3] on a subsequent visit to Scotland she told her family that she had met her future husband. They married at the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church on January 11, 1936,[15] with George Arthur Buttrick officiating. The wedding reception for 25 guests was held at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan.[9] They honeymooned in Atlantic City, New Jersey.[15] On April 5, 1937, she gave birth to their first child, Maryanne Trump Barry, followed by Frederick Christ Trump Jr. (1938–1981), Elizabeth Trump Grau (born 1942), Donald Trump (born 1946), and Robert Trump (born 1948).[3][8][9] The final birth led to an emergency hysterectomy, which she barely survived.[2]

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Seeing Into The Dark Future

I have owned the ability to see into the future most of my life. I have owned the ability to hypnotize myself most of my life. How are the two related? I suspect the DNA of males is backward looking, while the DNA of females is forward looking. This is because the female carries her child for nine months, and this child – is the future of DNA. The male recalls to establish territory and hunting and fishing grounds. Also, he can recognize enemies, while the woman might bond with an old enemy and have children by him. Women can change partners – on a dime – as if they never knew the old partner. They have new children. I am a male in touch with my feminine side and DNA that radiates out like a rock dropped in water. The epicenter moves along a linear line that is time and space. The Australian Aborigines call this “dream time”. One can fall into a hypnotic state while sleeping. My Old Man Naps take me into the future. Watch the movie ‘The Last Wave’.

Some Jewish Sages, Prophets, and Messiahs employed women to help them see all around, and into the future. Mary Magdalene was used in this way. I believe she was the woman at the well, that is, she, and not Jesus, talked to the Samaritan Woman about female matters, such as marriage laws in the Torah. I have used Rena Easton in this way – against her will. Christine and I were seers and could read each other.

Hope Hicks has the sight and is coming back to be the White House Prophetess. Republican evangelical women are erasing all wrong doing by their Messiah Trump. This is now a cult following of females that want Trump to take them into the future. Expect to see a surge in the name Donald and John names applied to babies. Marie Yovanovitch has the sight.

Marilyn has fallen under the spell of a black female witch. Trump is doing away with the Rule of Law that Moses installed in order to abolish Idolatry and Witchcraft. This is why Trump is getting rid of the State Department, too. He thinks he is a Stable Genius Seer who can tweek the future. Hitler surrounded himself with cultist. King David does not mention Moses or Commandments.

As I predicted the Republicans Party has been taken over by a Jesus-Cult. Democrats tried to warn Republican Senators they are about to create, and unleash a monster. Christian women are O.K. with this, they wanting Trump to destroy their enemies – then they will real him in! How many millions of women say they bonded with the wrong man – more then once! This is because they go into a Future Trance and see…..The Man That Never Was Or Will Be. He is a figment of future desire. A million witches hide in Christianly. Trump’s mother was a witch, born on Witch Island where everyone has been out for revenge for three hundred years. No one talks about Mary Anne MacLeod, the Mad Woman with the Witches Eye! Do you see it?

William Barr just did a Law Freak-out, calling for less Tweety-Witchery, so he can do his job. Good luck with that – The MacLeod Curse is upon us! Cover half of Mary Ann’s face, then cover the other.

John Presco

Copyright 2020


슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증



In an exclusive interview, Attorney General Bill Barr told ABC News on Thursday that President Donald Trump “has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case” but should stop tweeting about the Justice Department because his tweets “make it impossible for me to do my job.”

Barr’s comments are a rare break with a president who the attorney general has aligned himself with and fiercely defended. But it also puts Barr in line with many of Trump’s supporters on Capitol Hill who say they support the president but wish he’d cut back on his tweets.

Former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch said the State Department is “in trouble,” with senior leaders who lack “moral clarity” and “policy vision,” in her first public remarks since testifying before Congress.

Accepting an award for excellence in diplomacy at Georgetown University, Yovanovitch also took an apparent shot at President Donald Trump’s foreign policy: “An amoral, keep ’em guessing foreign policy that substitutes threats, fear and confusion for trust, cannot work over the long haul.”



WASHINGTON — Six days before President Donald Trump chose Robert O’Brien as his national security adviser in September, the president said the job would be simple. 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

Hope Hicks & Rena Easton

Rena betrayed me. She turned on me. She caved to her white racist fears and went for the Redneck Nazi Cowboy type like Roy Moore. She is a Redneck Trump Woman, like Hope Hicks – who sees this Rape Artist as her father. I know Rena has been reading this blog for the last three years, and judged I was completely insane about Capturing Beauty.  She was glad she called The Deputy on me. Rena wanted me to be on the wrong side of the law.

Today, Hope Hicks is being DRILLED and HARASSED by the FBI. She may got to Federal Prison.  My blog is a PREDICTION of the things to come! I nailed it! I am right. Rena is wrong. She will be placed in my bother’s camp, too. There exist no spiritual work between us. Like others, she thought if she destroyed me, the Creative Spiritual Light would be there for the taking. Now, the Grabby Handy of the Trickster, tears at her clothing. How can Christians lie for the Pussy Grabber?

“To the victor goes the spoils!”

Start lining up those beautiful eighteen year old Right-wing Christian Whores for the Emperor’s pleasure. Every day is Christmas Day for The Rich Man of Great Lust.

Jon Presco

By Noah Bierman, Los Angeles Times 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증
WASHINGTON — Six days before President Donald Trump chose Robert O’Brien as his national security adviser in September, the president said the job would be simple.“You know why it’s easy?” Trump told reporters. “Because I make all the decisions. They don’t have to work.”

As a key White House adviser, O’Brien clearly works — but he meets Trump’s other job requirements: He avoids publicity, he gets out of the way on policy decisions and he dismisses employees Trump views as meddlesome.

슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증Unlike his predecessors, John Bolton or H.R. McMaster, who pursued their own agendas or tried to block some of Trump’s impulses, O’Brien has taken a wrecking ball to parts of the National Security Council, the intelligence and foreign policy hub of the White House, to satisfy a president who doesn’t trust experts, is suspicious of career government employees and acts on his own whims.

Long before O’Brien had security guards escort Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key witness in Trump’s impeachment case, and his twin brother, Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, an ethics lawyer, out of the White House on Friday, O’Brien had dismissed or transferred about 70 people, or about one-third of those employed by or temporarily assigned to the NSC, according to senior administration officials.

O’Brien told a Washington think tank Tuesday that his efforts to trim the staff would conclude this week, and aides said the final cuts would involve only a few more employees. O’Brien denied that his downsizing of the NSC was an effort to dismantle what Trump has called the “deep state.”

O’Brien said his primary aim isn’t to remove career government employees and other professionals in favor of Trump loyalists. But he conceded that the realignment has increased the proportion of politically appointed staffers.

“The president is entitled to a staff that he has confidence in and that he believes will execute his policies,” O’Brien, a former Los Angeles lawyer, said to the Atlantic Council, a nonpartisan foreign policy think tank in Washington.

Former NSC employees view O’Brien’s cuts as damaging the White House ability to formulate, vet and coordinate U.S. policy on a broad array of fronts — while Trump often sees the professional staff as a roadblock.

Trump “has a high degree of paranoia that he has a bloated National Security Council full of deep-state minders who are there to undermine him, not to fulfill his national security policy,” said a former NSC official who was a political appointee under Trump, but was not among those removed involuntarily and spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal matters.

“It sort of reflects a Trumpified version of government, which is you don’t really need a lot of staff,” said John Gans, author of “White House Warriors: How the National Security Council has Transformed the American Way of War.”

“It’s not about getting everybody in the room,” he added. Trump, he said, prefers to say that “we’ll make the decision and everybody else can catch up.”

Foreign policy veterans warn that the size and speed of O’Brien’s cuts have left a vital part of the White House ill-equipped to respond to crises like the spreading coronavirus, which has killed more than 1,000 people in China.

Others faulted the NSC for lacking a coordinated response to Trump’s shifting calls for a U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria, for its rocky efforts to limit Chinese tech giant Huawei’s growing role in global telecommunications infrastructure, and for the U.S. drone strike that killed Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani in Iraq, nearly sparking a war with Iran.

Trump’s disdain for traditional process was on full display during the House impeachment inquiry as career professionals from the NSC, the State Department and elsewhere described a shadow effort led by Trump’s private attorney, Rudolph W. Giuliani, to prioritize Trump’s personal political goals over official U.S. policy in Ukraine.

Experts who keep close tabs on the NSC say Trump relies on the country and subject experts less than other presidents have done.

“You could have the best policy-making process in the world and you still have a president who acts on impulse and flies off the handle,” said Daniel Drezner, editor of “Avoiding Trivia: The Role of Strategic Planning in American Foreign Policy.”

“Some of this flows directly from the president wanting to do what he’s told he can’t do,” said Peter Feaver, who served on NSC staffs for Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

The staffing cuts have strengthened some of Trump’s most loyal Cabinet officials, especially Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo, who has played a greater role in defense decisions than his predecessors, and to a lesser extent Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin, who leads Trump’s efforts to use economic sanctions and trade deals to pressure other nations, according to former officials and others who study the NSC.

O’Brien took the job as national security adviser with a promise to reduce the NSC, offering himself to Trump as the antithesis of his immediate predecessor, Bolton, a veteran brawler with strong policy views who clashed with the president on Syria, North Korea and Iran, and left on acrimonious terms.

O’Brien’s promise to shrink his own fiefdom endeared him to Trump, and to Pompeo, who was O’Brien’s boss at the State Department, where he had worked as a hostage negotiator.

The NSC was formed after World War II to synthesize and coordinate the foreign policy and intelligence agencies that report to the White House. The national security adviser is supposed to serve as an honest broker among the factionalized bureaucracies.

As threats grew more complex and Congress and the public demanded a faster White House response to crises, the NSC steadily grew, peaking at more than 200 people under President Barack Obama.

Most of the staff members are analysts on loan from the State Department and the Pentagon, but the NSC also includes specialists from the CIA and other intelligence agencies, and the Departments of Homeland Security, Justice and Treasury.

The career officials are usually led by the president’s political appointees, often creating a built-in friction and frequent turf wars.

Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, flamed out quickly and later pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russians. He is awaiting sentencing.

McMaster, who replaced Flynn, was a retired Army lieutenant general with a chest full of combat medals and other awards. He tried to run a traditional operation, holding large meetings and giving Trump lengthy policy presentations that the president grew to resent.

Bolton, who replaced McMaster, was a Fox News pundit and Republican archconservative dating back to the Reagan administration.

He was more proactive than McMaster, and sought to block or detour some of Trump’s initiatives. He was convinced that Trump’s nuclear talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would fail, and opposed Trump’s efforts to pull U.S. troops out of Syria.

Bolton favored smaller meetings so he could control the process, making as many policy decisions as he could “so they could run a relatively normal government with an abnormal president,” said Colin H. Kahl, who served on Obama’s NSC.

O’Brien spent much of his adult life as an attorney in private practice, serving as California managing partner of Arent Fox LLP for seven years, and is not known for strong views on foreign policy or national security issues.

He advised two candidates who had more establishment backing in the 2016 Republican primary — then-Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas — but he later impressed Trump by leading the State Department team that secured the release of several Americans detained abroad, including evangelical pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey in 2018.

Unlike Bolton, who has a sarcastic edge and a bushy mustache, O’Brien speaks in understated tones and wears a neat pocket square to match his tie. By most accounts, Trump, who often judges people by how they look on television, finds him easy to be around.

But like all of Trump’s advisers, O’Brien is forced to adjust his public comments to match the president’s ever-changing claims and declarations.

That was apparent this week after Trump suggested Alexander Vindman, a highly decorated active-duty Army officer who was the top Ukraine expert at the NSC before he was ordered off the White House grounds last week, should be punished by the military for testifying under subpoena in the House impeachment inquiry.

“I obviously was unhappy with the job he did,” Trump told reporters Tuesday.

“That’s going to be up to the military, we’ll have to see, but if you look at what happened, they’re going to certainly, I would imagine, take a look at that,” he added.

The Army has reassigned Vindman to the Army War College, and his brother to the judge advocate’s office. Their lawyer, David Pressman, has angrily denied that either acted inappropriately, saying they followed the chain of command and were victimized for telling the truth.

In his comments at the Atlantic Council, however, O’Brien said that he had ordered the Vindman brothers out of the White House, saying their services “were no longer needed” and suggesting they had tried to usurp the president’s authority.

“We’re not some banana republic where lieutenant colonels get together and decide what the policy is or should be,” he said

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Mille Fleurs

Harry and Meghan will be living in this estate called ‘Mille Fleur’….a “thousand flowers”. Here is my visionary home.




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Kingdom of Nova Albion

John Sutter did not complete the payment to the Russians for Fort Ross, and thus I claim it in the name of Harry and Meaghen Markel. This land discovered by a Russian explorer, was called New Albion, as was the land Sir Francis Drake discovered and claimed in the name of Queen Elizabeth.

After five hours of research, I found this alternative history site that came to the same conclusions that I did, but, did not know Harry would remove his family from the influence of the Windsor’s. Harry  carries the DNA of the Romanovs. We are talking about a Russian Romanov Kingdom in California. Alexandra of Prussia was married to Nicholas 1. Was she the source of the Prussian plan to purchase Alta Norte, Northern California? How much land was offered to Sutter that he could not afford?


Alexandra’s cottage could be built at Fort Ross and used as a part time residence for……The King and Queen De Nova Albion? They can live on the top floor. There would be a museum on the bottom floor, and a meeting room. Weddings could be held here.

John Presco






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Code of Jeanne (John) de Rougemont

The Queen Mother

Joanna/Jeanne of Ferrette/Pfirt, is consider the Queen Mother of all the Habsburgs. She had many children late in life. Her first five children were stillborn. Then she had Rudolph. She had her last child when she was fifty-one, which leads me to suspect there were surrogate mothers. Jeanne had two sisters. Jeanne went before the Pope to take a test to see if she was qualified to be the exception to the Salic Law. Then there is the strange burials of the Habsburgs. It’s is as if they knew there was a different linage. Rudolph invented a code. He married Catherine of Bohemia, and thus the long and complicated bond with the land that was ruled by the Senshiem and Schwarzenbergs. Jimmy Rosamond, the caretaker of the Rosamond genealogy, says the Rosamond name stems from the name Rougemont.  Were the Stuttmeisters related to the Schwarzenbergs?

John Presco

Copyright 2020


3g) Ludwig von Pfirt, sn de Florimont (fl 1259/62); m.Gertrud, dau of Ulrich von Rappoltstein

1h) Ulrich sn de Florimont (drowned in the Rhine 21 Dec 1281) 

4g) Thiebald Gf von Pfirt, châtelain de Rougemont, Landvogt im Elsass (d.Basel 1310/11); m.1st Katharina, dau of Walter von Klingen, and widow of Rudolf von Lichtenberg; m.2nd Margareta, dau of Heinrich von Blamont, and widow of Jean de Bourgogne, sn de Montaigu; all issue by 1st m.

1h) Ulrich III Gf von Pfirt, sn de Rougemont (d.Basel 11 Mar 1324; bur Thann Barfüsserkirche); m.1303 Jeanne, Dame d’Héricourt, de Belfort et de Chastelot (d.1347/9), dau of Reinald de Bourgogne Gf von Mömpelgard (and later wife of Mgve Rudolf Hesso of Baden, and of Wilhelm Gf von Katzenelnbogen)

1i) Johanna Gfn von Pfirt, 1347 Dame de Rosemont, de Sermagny, de Chaux, de la Chapelle, du Puits, de Giromagy, de Viscemont, de Rougegoutte, etc (1300-Vienna 15 Jan 1352; bur Gaming); m.13 Feb 1324 Duke Albrecht II of Austria (d.1358)

2i) Ursula, Dame de Belfort, de Rougemont, de Dannemarie, Traubach, Pfetterhausen, de Denny, de Bessoncourt, de Menoncourt, etc (d.after 1367); m.1st Hugo Gf von Hohenberg (d.26 May 1354); m.2nd Wilhelm Gf von Montfort (d.1373/4)

2h) Theobald sn de Rougemont (d.1311/2; bur Thann Barfüsserkirche); m.by 14 Aug 1310 Johanna, dau of Heinrich v.Blamont (and later wife of Brunico von Riste) 

3h) Johann sn de Rougemont (d.1309/12)


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Schwarzenberg 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Josias_of_Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

Born at Schloß Ehrenburg in Coburg, he was the youngest son of Duke Francis Josias, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld and Princess Anna Sophie of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. He was the great-uncle of King Leopold I of Belgium (1790–1865); and the great-great-uncle of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (1819–1901).

Military career 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증[ 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증edit] 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

Prince Josias of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
Welcoming the prince of Saxa-Coburg, 1789.jpg
Allegiance Austrian Empire
Rank Generalfeldmarschall

Josias joined the Habsburg military as Colonel in 1759, participated in the Seven Years’ War, and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Field Marshal by 1773. In the Russo-Turkish-Austrian war of 1788, he commanded an army corps under Freiherr von Laudon, occupying Moldavia, capturing Khotyn in Bessarabia and sharing in Aleksandr Suvorov‘s victory in the Battle of Focșani (1 August 1789). Having completely beaten the main Ottoman army under Grand Vizier Koca Yusuf Pasha in the Battle of Rymnik, he captured the greater part of Wallachia, including Bucharest, being welcomed by the population after the flight of Prince Nicholas Mavrogenes (see History of Bucharest), and soon after becoming a field marshal.[citation needed 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증]

Born in Vienna, Rudolf was the eldest son of Duke Albert II of Austria and Joanna of Pfirt. One of the third generation of Habsburg dukes in Austria, he was the first to be born within the duchy. Therefore, he considered Austria his home, a sentiment that no doubt communicated itself to his subjects and contributed to his popularity. Faced with the Habsburgs’ loss of the Imperial crown upon the assassination of his grandfather King Albert I of Germany in 1308, Rudolf was one of the most energetic and active rulers of Austria in the late Middle Ages, and it was said of him that as a young man he already had the air of a king.

In 1357 he was married to Catherine of Bohemia, daughter of Emperor Charles IV.[1] Eager to compete with his mighty father-in-law, who had made the Kingdom of Bohemia and its capital Prague a radiant center of Imperial culture, Rudolf desired to raise the importance of his residence Vienna to a comparable or greater height.

The decipherment of the epitaph accompanying the cenotaph, or symbolic tomb, of Duke Rudolph IV in the Stephansdom in Vienna. The translation of the secret writing into English is “This is the sepulchre of Rudolph, by the Grace of God, Duke and Founder” and “Almighty God and great lord Jesus Christ, a shepherd.” Rudolf was, in fact, never buried within the almost-solid stone structure, but in the Ducal Crypt of the Stephansdom in Vienna. The text is written using the Alphabetum Kaldeorum, a code he probably invented.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_IV,_Duke_of_Austria 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catherine_of_Bohemia 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joanna_of_Pfirt 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

The Knights of Jeanne de Rougemont-Ferrette

It was my dream to go to Rougemont Switzerland and attend the Medievale Celebrations of Ferrette, a castle that was owned by Ulrich de Rougemont who had four beautiful daughters, one being, Jeanne de Rougemont who is the Queen Mother of all Habsburgs. Rougemont was spelled Rozemont under Habsburg rule. This dream has been intercepted by the thousands of dollars taken from the legacy my uncle left me by those who were susposed to make my dreams come true. But I will go to Rougemont with my grandson when he turns thirteen. Here is the home of our ancestors who are liken to the Hobbits.It is alleged that the Habsburgs descend from Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and are a Rex Deus family. Take note of the woman on horseback who named herself after Queen Berenice of Jerusalem. Take note that Etichon-Adalric of Alsace looks like a Jew, even Jesus. Even though his image is a mosaic, the artist went to great length to depict this long regal nose. Consider the Shroud of Turin that was owned by the Counts of Rougemont and Ferrette.

I . . . have roses in my name, and make
All flowers glad to set their colour by.

슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증





The illustrious family of the Counts of Ferrette was the first dynasty to have marked the Sundgau and all its surrounding regions, including Montbéliard in Franche-Comté, and Porrentruy and Basle in Switzerland. The founder of this branch, Louis IV of Mousson and Bar (who died in 1065) was a Romance-language-speaking noble, born in the castle of Mousson (now in ruins) on the hills of Pont-à-Mousson, between Nancy and Metz in Lorraine. Historians suppose that the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire gave him the strategic territory of the Burgundy Gate (Sundgau, Ajoie and Pays de Montbéliard) as a gift.

The emperor’s intentions in doing so was to position a reliable man on the geographic gap in order to thwart the plans of his rival, the Duke of Burgundy. So, thanks to this imperial act Louis de Mousson added the Pays de Montbéliard and the Sundgau, which are situated on the most exposed points between the Germanic and Latin worlds, to his existing territories of Bar and Lorraine.

On the death of Louis’ son, Thierry I, in 1125 his possessions were shared among his four sons.
Frederic I thus became the first Count of Ferrette (1125-1160). He and his fellow counts of Bar and Montbéliard shared a common coat of arms, featuring two fish.

Thierry II, Count of Montbéliard, had a castle built at the top of a steep hill above the Savoureuse River. He named this castle “Belfort”.

The territory of Frederic I, the Count of Ferrette, extended to the hill, facing Belfort castle. So he in turn decided to erect his own castle which he named “Montfort”, on the current site of the “Tour de la Miotte” (Miotte Tower).

From this point onwards the two related families shared a long common history of both happy events and conflicts of interest.

In examining the life of Frederic II, Count of Ferrette (1197-1232), there are obvious parallels between this unscrupulous, violent and arrogant man and the cruel customs and mysterious intrigues of the Middle Ages. Of all the Counts of Ferrette throughout the ages, Frederic II’s government was by far the most troubled, with the Count never ceasing to wage war against his neighbour Richard de Montfaucon, Count of Montbéliard.

A few days after having been scorned by his other rival, the Bishop of Basle, Frederic II was mysteriously assassinated in his Ferrette castle. Public rumour implicated his son, Louis the Fierce, as the agent of the crime, and as such he was immediately excommunicated by the Pope and banished, leaving the possession of the county to his brother Ulrich. But it was reported in the cold, dark halls of the castle that on Ulrich’s death he made a deathbed confession to having been the real perpetrator of the crime!

If the counts of Ferrette possessed the majority of the Sundgau, the ‘Sundgauvian’ territories of the north-east had long since belonged to the Habsburg dynasty, a wealthy local family whose heritage also includes Swiss lands. Moreover, the Habsburgs had passed on the honorary title of Landgrave of Upper Alsace (Sundgau) from father to son for centuries.
To seal the alliance, after Ulrich’s death Jeanne immediately married Albert II of Habsburg at Masevaux. By legitimate process the Sundgau became an entirely Austrian territory and remained so until 1648. However, according to documents of the time, this marriage of political interest seemed to quickly transform into one of love. Albert II and Jeanne de Ferrette settled in Vienna, from where their offspring would later extend their possessions into central and Eastern Europe.
The Sundgau quickly became a Habsburg bastion: a base for the dynasty which would later seek to conquer Europe and the rest of the world.

Two elements allow us to understand why the Austrian influence was so strong in Upper Alsace and why the Sundgau is different from other countries which, willingly or unwillingly, were conquered by the future Austrian empire:

1. ✤The Sundgauvians’ deep loyalty towards the House of Austria, which they considered to be born of their country.
2. ✤The establishment of the capital of Anterior Austria (Vorderösterreich) in Ensisheim in Upper Alsace. Anterior Austria included the Habsburgs’ personal possessions, from the Vosges to the Arlberg Pass to Tyrol, passing by Bade and northern Switzerland.
It was further complicated by the intervention by France, which had long been hostile to the ambitions of the House of Austria in Europe. During the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), Belfort was coveted by each side and was thus considered a sort of Gibraltar of the East. But King Louis XIV of France’s victories forced the Habsburgs to surrender Upper Alsace to him. The Habsburgs withdrew from the other side of the Rhine and made Freiburg-im-Breisgau the new capital of the rest of their possessions in Anterior Austria.

On the 24th October 1648 the Habsburgs signed the Treaty of Westphalia, stipulating the transfer of the Sundgau to France. However, public protests against the new French authority in the Sundgau were felt until the Treaty of Rijswijk (1697) and, it seems, until the beginning of the 18th century.
From 1648 the Sundgau was ruled by France and remained under its national colours until 1871, despite the Austrian desire to win back the Sundgau. By the Westphalia Treaty, the Sundgau was snatched from Anterior Austria, causing it to lose much of its strategic value. Nevertheless, the Habsburgs continued to hang onto the Rhine since they still, with difficulty, held the key town of Breisach, the “Gate to Germany”.

During the French Revolution (1789), Alsace and the Sundgau were administratively reorganised. From December 1789 to February 1790, the Constituante completely reorganised the French administration. The former provinces (Lorraine, Normandy, Alsace, Burgundy, Provence, etc) gave way to départements, which were themselves divided into several districts (or arrondissements). The province of Alsace was thus divided into two départements: the Bas-Rhin to the north and the Haut-Rhin to the south, with their respective administrative centres of Strasbourg and Colmar. Belfort, Mulhouse and Altkirch became the three sub-prefectures of the Haut-Rhin.

In 1806, in the Napoleonic period, the rest of Anterior Austria still under the direct power of the Habsburgs was shared between the duchy of Bade and Switzerland. From then on, Vienna became the epicentre of an empire which was more and more turned towards Eastern Europe: the romantic banks of the Rhine were eclipsed by those of the beautiful blue Danube.
1871 was a year that would go down in the Sundgau’s history, as it symbolises the defeat of the French army by the Prussian army. In 1870, Belfort sustained a memorable siege for 103 days, personified and symbolised by the statue of the Lion erected in 1880 by Bartholdi (a Colmar native renowned for having designed the Statue of Liberty in New York).

The French were obliged to surrender the territories of Germanic cultures and languages (north-east Lorraine and Alsace) to the victors. The preliminaries of the French-Prussian Treaty which was signed on 26 February, 1871, set the new border to the west of the Haut-Rhin département, however Article 1 stipulates that:

“On the other hand, the town of Belfort and its fortifications will remain French with a radius which will be determined later…”
At the celebration of Austria’s one thousandth anniversary in 1996, Anterior Austria returned to a place of honour. A business of European dimensions was put in place (with the creation of tourist brochures and books, exhibitions, European trades, and popular and cultural festivals) and mobilised the European Union, the Alsace region, Bade-Wurtemburg, Alemanic Switzerland, and of course all of Austria. The recognisable traits of the Habsburgs (the Austrian flag and the two-headed eagle) were henceforth visible in all of Anterior Austria and seem to be the silent witnesses of the common history of these regions… at the very least they remind us, rather curiously, that before being French or German, the Sundgau was completely Austrian!
The flag of the Sundgau is an unofficial design that emerged recently in the local landscape, maybe as an initiative to reinforce a sense of unity and belonging. It does not appear on public buildings (such as town-halls, schools, local councils) alongside the European, French and Alsatian flags. In Altkirch, you can see it as an iron sign of the Sundgau museum and in the neighbouring village of Carspach, featured in the centre of … the village’s roundabout!

슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증
슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증
Castle of the counts of Ferrette © French Moments
Forest of Hirtzbach, Sundgau © French Moments

This page was originally written in French and translated into English by Alison Walden for French Moments.
During the 14th century the Habsburgs and Ulrich III, the last Count of Ferrette, became very close. Seriously ill and realising that he would not have a male heir; Ulrich undertook several difficult measures in order to save his county from the Bishop of Basle and his ambitions.
A master strategist, Ulrich III was anxious for his daughter, Jeanne de Ferrette, to inherit his county. During the Middle Ages only the Pope had the power to arbitrate exceptionally in his favour. Against all hope, Ulrich received the precious papal consent in 1320.

The Count died on 15 March, 1324 in Basle, having no idea of the incredible destiny reserved for his descendants:

1. ✤His county would become a powerful bastion of Austrian lands.
2. ✤His daughter Jeanne de Ferrette, a direct descendant of Charlemagne, would enable the dynasty of the Habsburgs, future masters of Europe, to continue. Thanks to her, the Habsburgs could claim to be blood descendants of Charlemagne.
In becoming entirely Austrian, the Sundgauvians were not safe from the desires of Austria’s powerful enemies: the influential duchy of Burgundy, the fierce Swiss Confederates and the distant kingdom of France.
The frequent passing of enemy armies due to the Sundgau’s strategic position between the North and Mediterranean Seas, and between the two rivals, Paris and Vienna, did it more harm than good.

Later, in the 16th century, the Sundgau found itself surrounded by powerful Protestant cities: Mulhouse to the north, Basle to the east and Montbéliard to the west. The Habsburgs took a very firm stance against all attempts to introduce the Reform in the Sundgau.

Subsequently, the dynasty was the spearhead of the Counter Reformation, encouraging the introduction of anti-reformist works (particularly monasteries and Jewish schools) in the Sundgau.

However, from the Peace of Augsburg in 1555, Protestantism continued to make progress in Europe.

The Protestant princes of Bohemia refused to recognise the authority of the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (HRE), Ferdinand II (who himself was a Habsburg).

War erupted in 1618 due to the extreme tension between Catholics and Protestants, and the emperor and Protestant princes

. . . . . . . .
I . . . have roses in my name, and make
All flowers glad to set their colour by. (Tragedies, I, 236- 37)

In the book of Hansi, at the foot of the mountain Sainte-Odile, a paragraph always intrigued me. After the fall of Napoleon’s Empire, Russian and Austrian troops invaded Alsace…
…..” During the invasion of the Allies in 1814, Obernai was less abused than other cities of Alsace thanks to a brilliant idea of his pastor. Knowing that the veneration of the Austrian troops for the imperial family extended to the most distant ancestors of the Habsburgs, this worthy priest fit onto the House called Burg a sign that can be seen even today. One reads these simple words: birthplace sainte Odile – Stammhaus der heiligen Odilia. Indeed, this modest yet recent building at that time, City store, shed for the fire pump, was built on the foundations of a sixteenth-century Manor House which itself succeeded a castle destroyed in the thirteenth, which replaced a previous castel who was perhaps built on occupied a few centuries earlier by the large Merovingian farm’s woodthatch and cob of this Duke of Alsace, who according to legend was the father of Sainte Odile.
Having read the sign, the Austrian Commander gave the order to his men to use great respects to the citizens of a town “where were drawn by skilled genealogists, the ancestors of his sovereign.”…
Was this a legend or even a historical truth? It was gone.
ADALRICH warlord, was appointed Duke of Alsace by CHILDERIC, his father LEUTHARIUS II was Duke of Germany. ADALRICH had a noble wife BERESWINTHE, daughter of SILGELBERT III and daughter of DAGOBERT Ier. A real pleasure that to establish the ancestry of BERESWINTHE, all the archives were opened and open. The descent proved harder until the day or Finally I managed to get a history of Obernai written by Abbé GYSS in which was the outline of the progeny of ADALRICH. Multiple historical research are then used to establish the descent of ADALRICH and marvel at the same time of the erudition of the parish priest of Obernai.
Down all of a King or a hanged man. I’ll let you discover the suite.

슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증
Bereswinde d’AUSTRASIE

Born about 635 Julian
Died 1 April 690 Julian , age at death: possibly 55 years old
Consanguinity : 0.39%
Sigebert III Le Jeune ou Saint-Sigebert d’AUSTRASIE, Roi de Metz – d’Austrasie – Roi des Francs ca 620-656
Hymnéchilde DE BURGONDIE, Régente ca 620-ca 670
Spouses and children
Married about 660 Julian to Etichon-Adalric d’ALSACE, Duc ca 635-690 with
Odile Sainte-Odile d’ALSACE ca 662-ca 720
Adalbert Ier d’ALSACE, Duc – Comte ca 665-ca 722
Bathicon d’ALSACE †ca 725
Hugues d’ALSACE
Roswinde d’ALSACE
Ethicon DE NORDGAU, Comte ca 679-ca 723
Dagobert II Saint-Dagobert d’AUSTRASIE, Roi de Metz et Roi des Francs d’Austrasie 640..651-679
Bilichilde d’AUSTRASIE ca 654-ca 675

Titles: Comte

Born about 679 Julian
Died about 723 Julian , age at death: possibly 44 years old
Consanguinity : 3.58%
Etichon-Adalric d’ALSACE, Duc ca 635-690
Bereswinde d’AUSTRASIE ca 635-690
Spouses and children
Married about 714 Julian to Ganna Jeanne x ca 695-ca 735 with
Albéric Ier DE NORDGAU, Comte ca 716-ca 760

Titles: Comte

Born about 1015 Julian
Died about 1083 Julian , age at death: possibly 68 years old
Consanguinity : 2.23%
Hugues IV DE NORDGAU, Comte ca 987-ca 1048
Heilwige DE DAGSBOURG, Comtesse ca 980-ca 1046
Spouses and children
Married to Kuniza ou Rigarda x ca 1040- with
Elwige Hedwige DE NORDGAU, Comtesse ca 1065-1126





슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

Odile of Alsace

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The Rougemont/Rosamond Line



I am kin to Elizabeth Rosamond Taylor and Carrie Fisher. The Rosamond name has been traced to Rougemont in the Alsace. The de Bar family are kin.


Notice the spelling of Rougemont – Rosemont. Johanna ‘Dame de Rosemont’ married Duke Albrecht von Hapsburg. From them most of the Hapsburgs descend.

Johanna Gfn von Pfirt, 1347 Dame de Rosemont, de Sermagny, de Chaux, de la Chapelle, du Puits, de Giromagy, de Viscemont, de Rougegoutte, etc (1300-Vienna 15 Jan 1352; bur Gaming); m.13 Feb 1324 Duke Albrecht II of Austria (d.1358)

Here is another Habsburg. Pfirt is also spelled Ferrette.

1c) [by 2nd m.] Ludwig II Gf von Pfirt, sn d’Amance et de Vadans (d.1180); m.Richenza (d.Dec 1180), dau of Werner von Habsburg Gf im Oberelsass

Werner I, Count of Habsburg (c. 1025/1030 – 11 November 1096), was a nobleman and an early member of the House of Habsburg. He was ancestor of King Rudolph I of Germany.

He was sometimes called Werner the Pious.[1] His father was Radbot, Count of Habsburg, and his mother was Ida de Lorraine (also known as Ita von Lothringen), who was the granddaughter of Hugh the Great and the great-granddaughter of Henry the Fowler).

In 1057, he married Reginlinde of Nellenbourg (1027–1090). He had two sons: Otto II, and Albert II (also known as Albrecht II or Adalbert II).

This is the Rose Line I laid out in a group in 1999. We were studying the book ‘Holy Blood, Holy Gral’ years before Dan Brown came out with his Da Vinci Code, which suggests the world famous artist, Leonardo Da Vinci was a Grand Master of the Priory de Sion, as was Yonlande de Bar. Other members of the de Bar family were GM, who allegedly know of secret  codes in works of Art. The Sinclair family has failed to produce one artist, poet, or writer. How about a Bishop?

My kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is in the Peerage as are those closely related to her. Burke’s Peerage, for the time being, does not pursue the genealogy of Elizabeth Mary Rosemond, Liz’s grandmother, to all the Rosamonds, including my mother Rosemary Rosamond, and my sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, whose marriage to Garth Benton put us in the Preston family tree that has ties to the Stewarts, and thus Kate and William Windsor who gave birth to a baby boy yesterday. This royal child is yet to have been given a name. Elizabeth Rosemond was born with dual-citizenship and died a Dame and Citizen of the British Empire. For this reason many who are kin to her are also in the Peerage. See names below.

Liz was a “Screen Goddess”. Her and Richard Burton was regarded as Hollywood Royalty. In the 60s this couple generated the same excitement we see around William and Kate Windsor. Above are photos of Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Paris Hilton, Christine Rosamond, Dame Rosemond, and the Screen Goddess, Zsa Zsa Gabor who was married to Conrad Hilton.

Yolande means “violet flower”. Liza had violet eyes. Liz’s father was a famous art dealer, surrounded by famous artists.  Dame Rosemond was a art collector. The Rose Line does not lead to the Sinclair family. It leads to the Jordon Schnitzer Art Gallery on the Campus of the University of Oregon where I stood before ‘The Last Audience of the Hapsburgs.

Even if it is not true. Even if nothing true. There are good and bad stories. But, there is only one woman who I have found, who owned the name…….

Mary Magdalene Rosamond

Fire up your computer! Get on the world wide web! Search cyber-space for her. See who she is!

Hit it Maestro!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2016

In the pseudohistorical book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail Yolande de Bar was alleged to have been the tenth Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, succeeding her father, King René. The evidence for this claim was derived from the Dossiers Secrets d’Henri Lobineau, forged documents created in 1967.

슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

The portrayal of Yolande as a saintly dreaming beauty (regularly placed in an entranced sleep by the physician) was immensely popular. The play was translated into numerous languages. The Russian translation by Fyodor Miller was adapted by Vladimir Zotov, whose version was used as the basis for the opera Iolanta, written by Tchaikovsky, with libretto by his brother Modest Ilyich Tchaikovsky. It received its premiere on 18 December 1892 in St. Petersburg.[2

슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증




Seven years ago I entered the Jeanne Rougemont contest sponsored by members of the Hapsburgs. If Alex and kept our appointment, she would have heard Jeanne’s amazing story, that is protected by my copyright. The Rosamond genealogist traces my mother’s maiden name to Rougemont Switzerland. I am overwhelmed by information. I am sick and tired of these parasites who look for reasons to judge me – so they can rip me off!  They did this to my late sister, the world famous artist ‘Rosamond’.

Several years ago I sent a letter to Michael Salvator Archduke Habsburg-Lorraine, and asked for a form so I could enter the “flowing borders” compitition that was being held by the Joan of Farrette society. I was utterly ignored, because, I was an American, or, I knew more about Jeanne de Rougemont-Ferrette that anyone on the planet, and had connected the Rougemonts to the Knight Templars and the Holy Shroud. Did the Archeduke google me, or, had he heard of this upstart American – and thus I was the hands-down winner – before I asked for entry form!?

“The counts of Ferrette possessed the majority of the Sundgau, the ‘Sundgauvian’ territories of the north-east had long since belonged to the Habsburg dynasty, a wealthy local family whose heritage also includes Swiss lands. Moreover, the Habsburgs had passed on the honorary title of Landgrave of Upper Alsace (Sundgau) from father to son for centuries.


슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증


“To seal the alliance, after Ulrich’s death Jeanne immediately married Albert II of Habsburg at Masevaux. By legitimate process the Sundgau became an entirely Austrian territory and remained so until 1648. However, according to documents of the time, this marriage of political interest seemed to quickly transform into one of love. Albert II and Jeanne de Ferrette settled in Vienna, from where their offspring would later extend their possessions into central and Eastern Europe. The Sundgau quickly became a Habsburg bastion: a base for the dynasty which would later seek to conquer Europe and the rest of the world.”

Albert II was born at Habsburg Castle in Swabia, a younger son of King Albert I of Germany and his wife Elizabeth of Carinthia, a member of the House of Gorizia (Meinhardiner). He initially prepared for an ecclesiastical career and, though still a minor, was elected Bishop of Passau in 1313. However, he had to rival with an opposing candidate and finally renounced the office in 1317.

After the death of their elder brother Frederick the Fair in 1330, the surviving sons Albert II and Otto the Merry became joint rulers of all Habsburg dominions in Austria and Styria. Albert was able to further increase his possessions by the inheritance of his wife Joanna of Pfirt, which was made up of the Alsatian county of Pfirt and several cities. Furthermore, upon the death of his maternal uncle Duke Henry of Carinthia in 1335, Albert succeeded in establishing his claims on the Duchy of Carinthia and the March of Carniola, when he reached his enfeoffment by Emperor Louis IV against the claims raised by his mighty Luxembourg rival King John of Bohemia.

Reflecting his high reputation among the secular and church leaders of Europe, in 1335 Pope Benedict XII asked him to mediate in the church’s conflict with Emperor Louis. Two years later, King Philip VI of France 1337 asked him for help against the Wittelsbach emperor and King Edward III of England. Nevertheless, Albert remained faithful to the emperor until Louis’ death in 1347; he also was a close ally of his son Duke Louis V of Bavaria. After the demolition of Rapperswil Castle by the forces of Rudolf Brun in 1350, the Austrian duke marched against the Swiss Confederacy and laid siege to the city of Zürich, though to no avail.

In Austria, Duke Albert had the construction of the Gothic Choir begun in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, known as the Albertinian Choir. He established the “Albertinian House Rule”

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Yolande, Duchess of Lorraine

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Czech Bohemian Austrian Art

Karel Schwarzenberg’s family struggled against the Nazi and them the Communists. I now believe my brother, Mark Presco, worked behind the scenes to take over the creative legacy of our sister, Christine Rosamond Benton. I believe Mark conspired with Vicki Presco, and Stacey Pierrot to keep Vic Presco from getting his share of prints that he left to his wife, Consuela Redon. Vicki, as our father’s Trustee, did not deliver prints as instructed. Where are these prints. I will contact Interpol. Mark is a neo-Nazi and may be alive. He is in hiding – if he is not dead!

John Presco


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I have contacted INTERPOL and UNESCO about the Habsburg Pianting at the Schnitzer. I will be sending this blog to Jill Hartz, the Executive Director. I sent an e-mail to Cheyrl Hartup, and got no response. I had several telephone conversation with Alexandra V. Cipolle-Notman of the Eugene Weekly. We exchanged e-mails about our meeting place. She never got back to me, and has not replied to further e-mails from me. She asked me on the phone if I tried contacting the Habsburgs. I told her I had not. I do not trust her. Why should I? All my correspondence is copyrighted, along with the contents of my blog. A real crime may have been committed. This is not the time to play games.

Below is an e-mail I sent Stefan Eins in September of 2013 about this Habsburg painting a famous artist from Austria. Jospeh Swobb said he would forward my information to Austrian Consulate. The possible obstruction of a criminal matter of this magnitude, has bid me to be as transparent as possible. Who knows where this will lead?

John Presco

Presdient: Royal Rosamond Press Co.

John Ambrose <[email protected]> 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

To 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

[email protected] 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증
Today at 11:01 AM 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증



On Wednesday, November 9, 2016 11:27 AM, Alex Notman <[email protected]> wrote:
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Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m going to have to reschedule this for next week. Can we meet Thursday or Friday of next week during working hours?



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Room 318 Imperial Hotel

I contacted Karl about the Habsburg painting.

Spring Roses of Nations



” Since Dr. Robert Granitsch was married to a “half-Jew” after Nazi legislation, his three children, Susanne, born 1899, Dora, born 1904 and Lorle, born 1912, were persecuted in Austria after the Nazis’ Where Dr. Susan (!) Konirsch, née Granitsch, and Lorle Kornfeld, née Granitsch, had to flee to the USA,”

Last night I had a deep conversation with my longtime friend, Christine Wandel, who has lived in the Village of New York for over forty years. I told her about my recent discoveries regarding ‘The Last Audience of the Habsburgs’. I told her I am now guaranteed a novel that will alas give me the credibility I long for and sorely need due to the slanderous attacks I have suffered, mixed with threats. I told her I was considering playing my cards close to the vest, and not reveal the amazing Art and Liberty lessons that blossomed before me on my internet screen when I went in search of a answer to a confounding question. How and why did Arthur von Ferraris’ painting end up at the Jordon Schnitzer Museum?

I believe I have found a sound theory as to how? The clue of the rouge thread begins in Room 318 of the Imperial Hotel in Vienna where the Property Control Branch of the Allied Forces has set up a Reparation Division. Below is part of the correspondence of  Susanne Granitsch-Konirsch. She is the daughter of Helene Granitsch who is standing behind Empress Zita and staring out at the intended audience, the masses, the intended viewers that never appeared because Zita and her royal family were dragged off their thrones and banished from Austria.

The Last Audience is the greatest failed work of art in history. There is a invisible family present, a famous revolutionary family surrounded by a doomed nobility. The Granitsch family were of the New Democracy. They were trying to save aspects of Habsburg Rulers, or, so it is alleged.

“Susanne Renate Granitsch was a famous Austrian Artist, kin to Georg Granitsch, a member of the Academic Union and founder of ‘The Neue Freie Presse’ and Ambassador of the Raiffensen Bank.”

Before this painting was finished, other more radical representative of the Forty-Eight Revolutions, ran Zita out of town, and chased her all over the world. She found refuge in a small town in upper New York. She must have felt betrayed by the Granitsch family, thus I doubt she gave them this large canvas, or, put in their care, her bedroom set that I believe found its way to Portland, and sold. The article I read on this sale is no longer in the internet. It may be stored in my old computer.

To get this furniture out of occupied Austria, one would have an easier time of it, if you claimed your belongings fell into the hands of a member of the Nazi Party.  Susanne Granitsch-Konirsch and her husband name two Nazis. They appear to be Quater-Jews who had to flee from the Nazis leaving property behind. One of them may be a famous Captain of the SS Panzer division the 5th. Wiking, or Viking. This army led Opperation Barbarosa, and invaded Russia. This was a mixed group from several European nations. We see very handsom Aryan men going on a Viking Raid. These are Vandels taking what they want, what they deserve. This is White Privilege taken to the extreme. If it were not for the intervention of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, ‘The Audience’ would not be on the wall at the University of Oregon.

As usual, my muse has bid me to give away all my information – FOR FREE! Royal Rosamond Press ‘A Newspaper For The Arts’ will publish this incredible Odessy. This painting is The Golden Fleece of Freedom’. Because Putin is putting faux demonstrators for one of our Democratic candidates in the streets of Moscow, and for the reason the FBI is leaking information favorable to one candidate, and, for the reason I have been looking at hideous stories of Nazis declaring people, INFERIOR, so they can loot them, take everything from them, I will show you how the hidden BARRICADES that lie on the otherside of those Habsburgs dressed to the nines, and, putting on the Ritz.

Do not let The New Panzer Tanks roll into our polls, and influence how We The People Vote! I sent out several e-mails to Austrians who represent a Modern Culture of Liberty. Joseph Schwob is affiliated with the Austrian Cultural Forum. What I suggest if The United Nation of Artists, a forum that will meet once a year, compare notes, and make sur the Voice of the Artist, past and present, is being heard. We own a universal message that is due much recognition. Our voice had been political, in a unique way. This Habsburg painting speaks volumes. I will blog on it till Tuesday. till we go to the polls.

The man who could have owned the image of the little girl with no body, is on the far right. Captain Otto Schnieder was awarded The Knights Cross, and Iron Cross, alond with his compatriots who are smiling because they rode helter-skelter into other folks land with modern Panzer tanks. I will reveal more about this little girl. I believe she, and the white roses, represents ‘The Spring of Nations’

Jon Presco

Copyright 2016


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The Austrian Cultural Forum New York is one of Austria’s two cultural representation offices in the United States; the other is in Washington, D.C. It is part of the worldwide network of Austrian Cultural Forums of the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs.


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l[email protected] 

Nov 3 at 3:30 PM

Dear Sir,

your information was forwarded to the Austrian Consulate General. Please give us more details why you to your mind the mentioned canvas was smuggled out of Austria and who did that.

Kind regards

Josef Schwob

Thank you for responding. I first looked into this matter  twenty years ago. The story goes Empress Zita gave, or put in the care of Helene Granitsch ‘The Audience’ . Helene is standing just behind the Empress looking at the viewer. She then gave it to a woman named Ansacker in New York. Somehow it ends up in a Bank vault in Eugene Oregon. Sixteen years later it is in the hands of Lynn S. McCready, secretary of ‘Friends of the Museum’. There is no mention of a purchase.

I can not find the article where Helenes’ daughter, Dr. Susanne Granitsch-Konirsch, is selling pieces of bedroom furniture that belonged to Empress Zita that were put in her care until she came back to Austria to reclaim her throne. She wanted to sleep in her bed in Austria once again.

I found letters where  Susanne Granitsch-Konirsch and her husband are petitioning the U.S. Forces in Austria for the return of very expensive furniture valued at $15,000 dollars. That is a lot of money for furniture. They had left Austria and become U.S. citizens. They claim Nazi Party Leader, Jospeh Winkler, ended up with their property, as well as Nazi Party Member, Otto Schneider. Is this the famous SS Captain of the Wiking Panzer group? Was he given this property as a reward. He was given the Knights Cross.

Susanne Renate Granitsch was a famous Austrian Artist, kin to Georg Granitsch, a member of the Academic Union and founder of ‘The Neue Freie Presse’ and Ambassador of the Raiffensen Bank.


John Presco a.k.a. John Ambrose


Helene Granitsch 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 (*  슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증June 4 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 or  슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증8 June 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 1876 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 as  슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증Helene Mündl 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 or  슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증ending 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 in  슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증Vienna 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증; died  슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증1956 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 in 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증Portland 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증,  슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증Oregon 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증,  슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증United States 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증) was an  슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증Austrian 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 writer 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 and a leader in the  슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증women’s movement 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증. 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

Granitsch began her social commitment in the area of pulic relations (then “propaganda”) for the maternal and infant protection in 1901 and was first Vice President of the Association for maternal and infant protection founded in 1902 by you and Prof. th. Escherich. She founded and organized the Association of “Infant protection” (1903), the first infant Department in the St. Anna children’s Hospital and the first infant care channel school.

1911-1920 Granitsch was head of the “Imperial organization of housewives of in Austria”. She campaigned for women’s equality, worked together with  슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증Berta von Suttner 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 in the Austrian peace society and participated in the construction of the Austrian women’s movement. 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

The painting is one of the “Gifts and Purchases, 1960-61” exhibition, which opens in the Museum of Art Wednesday, April 25. “The Last Audience” will be featured at the preview showing held on Tuesday evening, April 24, for the Friends of the Museum and guests during the annual dinner and reception. At the dinner, in the Erb Memorial Union, the painting will be in a baroque setting dominating the entrance to the ballroom and setting the tone for the decorative motif. The unfinished oil is by an Austrian painter, Arthur von Ferraris. It is of a court scene in Schoenburg Palace in Vienna with the Empress Zita holding what proved to be her last audience. The audience was held in October, 1918, when the political situation in Austria was in extreme tension. , Mrs. Kenneth Ford and Helen Casey of Roseburg are members of the Friends of the Museum.

Dr. Robert August Granitsch


November 6, 1865


Died February 11, 1937 in Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Immediate Family:

Son of Georg Granitsch and Auguste Antonie Granitsch
Husband of Hermine Granitsch
Ex-husband of Helene Margarethe Karoline Granitsch
Father of Dr. Susanne Granitsch-KonirschTheodora Georgiana Hildegard Seybel Hiller and Eleonore (Lorle) Kornfeld
Brother of Susanne Renate GranitschGeorg GranitschEditha Isabella v. Schickh and Marzell Granitsch

About Susanne Renate Granitsch
The academic painter Susanne Renate Granitsch was born in Vienna on 21 May 1869 and died on 2 December 1946 in Vienna. Her grandparents were Georg Ignaz Granitsch and Susanne Granitsch, née Schmidutz. Her father, Dr. Georg Granitsch (1833 – 1903), married to Augusta Antonia Granitsch, née Panstingel, worked as an attorney in Vienna. In addition to Susanne Renate Granitsch, her eldest daughter, the couple Dr. Georg and Augusta Granitsch had two more children, Edith Granitsch. By Schickh and Dr. Robert Granitsch, who had already died in 1937. Since Dr. Robert Granitsch was married to a “half-Jew” after Nazi legislation, his three children, Susanne, born 1899, Dora, born 1904 and Lorle, born 1912, were persecuted in Austria after the Nazis’ Where Dr. Susan (!) Konirsch, née Granitsch, and Lorle Kornfeld, née Granitsch, had to flee to the USA, while Dora Granitsch married Dr. Franz Hiller and survived in Vienna (In the case of the matriculation office of the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde), the Bundesdenkmalamt, as well as in the Austrian State Archives (holdings of the Finanzverwaltungstelle, the Finanzlandesdirektion Wien, the “Hilfsfonds”), The “Compensation Fund” and the “collection points”) were negative. In addition, no restitution proceedings were imposed by the heirs of Susanne Granitsch after 1945. Even her 81-year-old grandmother, the only relative whom Susanne Renate had known to Granitsch during her lifetime, confirmed that Susanne Renate Granitsch had not been persecuted either as a Jew or for political reasons during the Nazi period. In February 1938, shortly before the takeover of the national socialists in Austria, the Städtische Sammlungen, which at that time already had some works by renowned artist Susanne Renate Granitsch, acquired the portrait of a university professor: Susanne Renate Granitsch passed away on December 2, 1946 Vienna. On the occasion of the testament of the unmarried and childless Susanne Renate Granitsch of August 30, 1937, in which she had appointed her sister to her universal bitch, Edith von Schickh was accepted into her estate by Edith von Schickh had spent the years 1938 to 1945 in Vienna.

To the Municipal Council on Culture and Science Stadtsenat Town Council Fourth report of the City Council for Culture and Science on the overhaul of art and cultural objects from the collections of the museums of the city according to the municipal council decision of 29 April 1999 3.2.6. Summary of the acquisition of art objects from the collection of akad. Painter Susanne Renate Granitsch through the Municipal Collections, 14 8 2003

Georg Granitsch ( 1. February 1833 Vienna [1]18th September 1903 Hadersdorf-Weidlingau [1] [2] ) was an Austrian lawyer and politician of German nationality , in the second half of the 19th century member of the Imperial Council . 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

He served as a court and court lawyer in Vienna. 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 During the revolutionary year 1848 he worked in student legion. 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 He studied law at Vienna University , where he earned a Doctor of Laws . 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 Then he worked as a clerk and later as an attorney. 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 He was publicly and politically active. 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 Since 1861, he has collaborated with various periodicals. 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 In the years 1867-1869 he was a member of the Vienna municipal council. 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 Contributed to the emergence of regional mortgage banks and credit unions organizing network (ie. Raiffeisenek). [1] 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

Long-term sit as a member of Lower Austria Landtag , which he joined in 1868 and remained a member of parliament until 1896, while in 1886 he represented the Curia rural communities, the circuit Mistelbach, then urban curia circuit Klosterneuburg. 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증 In the years 1883-1887 he was an alternate member of the land committee , and from 1887 to 1896 full member of the Provincial Committee. [1] 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

He was also a member of the Imperial Council (of national parliament Cisleithanian ), which he joined in the first direct elections in 1873 for the curia of rural communities in Lower Austria , the circuit Mistelbach, Feldsberg, Groß-Enzersdorf etc. The mandate here vindicated in elections in 1879 . [3] In 1873 is referred to as Dr. Georg Granitsch, lawyer, residing in Vienna . [4] 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

In 1873, parliament played for block German ústavověrných liberals (ie. , The Constitutional Party , the centralist and provídeňsky oriented), under which featured Altdeutscher wing. [5] In 1878 he met the German parliamentary group of the Left. [6] As ústavověrný member of the states even after the elections in 1879. [7] in October 1879 at the Imperial Council was mentioned as staroněmeckého Club Liberals (Club der Liberalen). [8] 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

He died in September 1903. At that time, it is referred to as the oldest lawyer in Vienna. [2] 슈어맨2 먹튀검증 사다리|검증사이트|먹튀검증소|먹튀사이트|먹튀검증

Otto Schneider was a Hauptsturmführer (Captain) in the Waffen SS during World War II who was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross, which was awarded to recognize extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership by National socialist Germany during World War II. Schneider was awarded the Knight’s Cross during the battle of Kovel,[1] while in command of the 7th Company, 5th SS Panzer Regiment, 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking. He was reported missing in action in April 1945 near SteiermarkAustria, and was in Soviet captivity until 1949, he died on 6 November 2001 in Cranston Rhode Island.

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